Welcome to Falcon Kickboxing Club and Team Falcon

Instructor Bio

Chief Instructor: Paul Green
Kickboxing Black belt 4th Dan, ABA qualified boxing tutor
IKF qualified Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA judge
IKF under 80kg LC Vet National Champion

Paul has been involved in marial arts and boxing for well over two decades.  He spent his early time competing against top fighters in Full Contact Kickboxing bouts around England and has fought in some great places such as the iconic York Hall in Bethnal Green.  A highlight of his career was going the distance in a tough fight for the British title against kickboxing legend Jon Lawson, who then became the future multiple Full Contact world champion.  Since forming Falcon Kickboxing he has used his experience to train students in boxing and kickboxing, some of whom have gone on to win area, national and world titles in different forms of kickboxing.

Instructor: Matt Higgs
Kickboxing Black belt 2nd Dan, ABA qualified boxing tutor
IKF qualified Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA judge
Former BNMAA Middleweight National Champion.
ICO under 70kg LC Vet National Champion.

Matt has been involved in martial arts and boxing for two over decades.  Starting out his kickboxing career with Paul, Matt has also spent a number of years training in Tae Kwon Do and amateur boxing whilst at the same time continuing his kickboxing with Paul. He has also had training across other disciplines including Muay Thai, Judo and BJJ.  Having competed and won tournaments in Light continuous and full contact kickboxing, he now trains and passes on his experience to the members of Team Falcon fight squad.

Instructor: Becky O’Sullivan
Kickboxing Black belt 1st Dan

Becky has been training in Kickboxing for over a decade under Paul Green. She has competed in Light Continuous kickboxing where she is a successful tournament winner. Becky specialises in junior/cadet classes where her students are taught discipline, exercise and attend the regular Falcon Kickboxing grading days showing the technical ability to move through the Falcon belt system.
Additionally Becky has teaching experience outside of kickboxing and creates a structured but fun class for her students.